The Garrett family drove by the vacant mansion day after day witnessing its slow demise. Everyday they wished someone would buy the historic property and restore it to its former glory. The Garretts did not realize that it would be their family that would take on the project! With a vision, the Garrett's tackled the restoration of Fairview Manor full force with a team of local contractors with specializations in their craft. Fairview Manor began as a private home, turned into a "nunnery" for the Sisters of the Holy Cross, and finally was a restaurant before it closed in 2008. Fairview Manor has been repurposed by the Garrett's to include a Farm-Based Distillery and Tasting Room! 

The Distillery at Saint Lawrence Spirits

The Château at Saint Lawrence Spirits

From Ranch to River... Our farm-based distillery adds local flavors to our spirits. Our ingredients are hand-picked from our family ranch, Lucky Star Ranch Estate, only 11 miles from the River.  Our ingredients will be converted to the final product at Saint Lawrence Spirits, where they will be proofed down by filtered St. Lawrence River water, providing the Spirit of the River in Every Bottle!

The story begins with a Dream and ends with a Drink. 

Built in 1937 in the upstate New York Town of Clayton, the Historically recognized Fairview Manor with European influence was reclaimed in 2015 as The Château at Saint Lawrence Spirits.

After complete restoration, The Château is the home of Saint Lawrence Spirits tasting room. The Château has towering views of the Mighty St. Lawrence River. It is the perfect spot on the River to sip a craft cocktail, watch the ships go by, and enjoy a one of a kind sunset.